Thank You Perth.



Words from my HEART.


Goodbyes are always hard.

Because i love each and everyone of you 






How the story went

There really isn't the words of gratitude for the appreciation  and respect i have to all those that have made themselves a part of my journey thru the Perth Chapters of my life.... 



Sincerest of Thanks.

Without all your love , support,  encouragement , I personally would not of been able to of achieved any of the many experiences, achievements , growth that I lived as I became a man in Perth.



"OUR GIRLS " who you all treated as your own , no matter your relationship they touched us in a special unique  youthfullness that causes us all to love and miss them often. 

As for the last 5 years........

All I know how to say to you all is that I LOVE YOU ALL.

We all know there was a few times I became extremely unwell and required supervised care.

We know ... I know ... 



A stronger ,healthier ,wiser and better prepared Human stands at the gates of anticipation .

It's my time to be Dad to The Young Ladies.